Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jesterz with the kids

Jesterz is a family friendly improv company in Mesa. We've been before, because we love clean comedy. I actually gave Dan a few gift certificates to this place for Christmas this year. 

Recently Jesterz has been partnering with different actors from Studio C. My kids LOVE Studio C right now. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look them up on YouTube: there are a plethora of sketches to watch. We decided to go to James Perry's matinee, and I was crossing my fingers that the kids would like it. We asked them if they wanted to take pictures with him afterwards. Asher didn't want to, and Gwen said "First I'll see the show, then I will decide." She must have liked what she saw, because we waited in line and snapped this cute shot.
"Look, I found a small child!"
Gwen was quiet for most of the show, Asher laughed hysterically for the first thirty minutes, and Ezra was at home napping with a sitter. Dan and I enjoyed ourselves as usual. (That makes us sound like regulars. We're not, because we rarely go on dates. However I can say with certainty that we've never had a bad time at Jesterz.) Anyway thanks James Perry and Jesterz for the fun afternoon, and for adding the word "muhlarge" (a cross between medium and large) to my kid's vocabulary.  

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Tracy Mills said...

I liked Jesterz when you took me as well. So fun that you took the kids. And yeah... those Studio C people are pretty fun. :)