Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mills Reunion

The first weekend of February was great. My family came to Arizona for the weekend, and everyone stayed with us. In our house. It might seem like something that would make me crazy, but I thought it was the best. Everyone got a room except for Tracy. (Sorry, Tracy.) And Jess couldn't come. We missed him. 
I was glad nobody went to a hotel because it was honestly fun to have everyone there in the same place. And my family is cleaner than I am... so although the house was stuffed with people, it stayed very clean. 

  Everyone was in town by Friday night. They left by Tuesday morning. It was too short of a stay, but we did a lot. On Friday night we sort of celebrated Billy's birthday. The next day Lori made an epic Funfetti ice-cream layered cake. Also on Saturday all the men built shelves in our garage. On Sunday we went to church and Dan blessed Ezra. We also had "fast Sunday sundaes" at our house that night and there were at least 40 Hixons and Millses singing and eating treats in our house. On Monday we all walked through the Gilbert temple, which was beautiful and a wonderful experience. Afterward we went to Oregano's and had some delicious food.
After touring the temple. It is so beautiful! 
We spent a lot of time just talking and hanging out, as well as preparing and consuming food. We solved puzzles on my mom's iPad together and the kids played outside a lot. Kristy also lopped off my (way too long) hair and Tracy curled it all expertly. Lori came bearing gifts of a cute basket and a fabulous sign for Ezra's room that she made and painted. It is awesome, and I will post a picture when I blog about it later. For more pictures and insight, I'm going to link to Tracy's blog post. She doesn't miss a thing.

I was so happy that everyone was able to come visit us. I hope we all come together again soon. I love and miss my family!


William said...

I'm so glad that you didn't mind having us ALL in your house over the long weekend! I just LOVED being there with your family, our family and Sunday with the Hixon families too! It was such a special weekend and so great to be able to celebrate Billy's birthday at the same time. Thanks for treating us to such a great time :) Love you!

Lynette Mills said...

We all had the time of our lives! It was so fun and you were so cool and collected with so many bodies in your home. Thanks a million for letting this wonderful memory happen!

Tracy Mills said...

So glad you gave us a reason to all get together! It was fun even though I had to sleep on the couch. It was worth it. I'm glad everyone went and I hope the cabin works out so everyone can get together again. :) Love you lots!

Kristy said...

It was so much fun. I'm glad we only stayed long enough for you to enjoy us. :) I miss seeing you and your family and so glad we got to for a little while.