Friday, May 31, 2013

Number Three

I know I have a lot to catch up on, but for now I will start with the big guns. As you may be able to surmise from the picture below... I'm pregnant! Everything looks pretty good so far. (Whew!) Unhappily I was exposed to Fifths Disease, had an emergency root canal with x-rays, and had electrolysis without knowing I was pregnant... so once I knew for sure, I anxiously awaited my first doctor appointment. I was glad and excited to see that little wiggly body and heartbeat. I had a big smile on my face watching the monitor, although it wasn't twins. Seriously, I wanted twins. But I am really happy about a healthy single too.

I've been feeling ill. When I read or stay still it isn't so bad. I think it is finally going away. But my house is a mess and I haven't cooked anything for a couple months. Dan also puts the kids to bed most nights. I feel bad that he is doing almost everything around here, but I hope to be back in business soon.

I've only had to cancel a few voice lessons. It is weird to be pregnant again and to immediately remember what it feels like to be pregnant. How I can hear the name of a food and KNOW that I most certainly do NOT want to eat it. How I feel uber ill if I forget to consume food within four hours of my last meal. And how I feel nauseated, but if I eat through the nausea, it is better than if I don't eat. When I am not pregnant, that sounds like crazy talk, but when I AM pregnant it is the truest truth in the world.   I also can't wear tight pants (or I will barf), and I can do stuff (like attend church or teach a lesson or go to a class with Asher), but afterwards I need to lie down for the rest of the day.

I feel pretty pathetic, but I think I'm doing better lately. I'm at 12 weeks, so hopefully this will taper off and I can exercise and participate in life again.


T-Ray said...

I'm very happy for you... not about the sick part.... but that you are having another baby. I can't wait to meet and love him or her.

Lynette Mills said...

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing, in a great way and also not. The body has to accommodate in so many ways that are not pleasant but it's pretty much miraculous to go thru the process of bringing life into the world. When I think about it, I always miss the feeling of being with child. I'm happy for you and just a tad envious. Enjoy the good and the not so good. You only get to do this a handful of times.
Love you.

Lori said...

Hooray! The prayers have been answered :) So happy to hear the news and looking forward to hearing all the updates too. Hope you feel better soon. (I know how Dan feels right about now ;) Haha.

PS- the word I had to type in to prove I am not a robot was "grows"!

Kristy said...

That is awesome Jamie. Glad to hear that everything is good with the baby. Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl?

Jenn Kirk said...

So exciting but so tough chasing after kids while pregnant! hope you get back to feeling like your regular self soon!