Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life Gets in the Way

Forgive me Blogger, for I have sinned. It has been almost four months since my last entry. Many things have happened in my life since then, but all those things have kept me so busy, that I haven't had the time to blog about anything. And I feel quite guilty about it because this blog is sort of my journal. So... here goes.

 We went on a cruise. It was the same cruise we did 10 years ago for our honeymoon, but this time it was with Carnival and it was for Dan's parent's FIFTIETH wedding anniversary. Eight of their kids and spouses were there. It was fun to be on a big boat with so many people that I love. And our adventures in Mexico were fun, fun, fun! On the boat we did a lot of hanging out and talking. We played trivia, family jeopardy, and took tours together. We were at the same few tables for dinner every night, switching back and forth for variety. We walked around in our robes, attended shows together, and tried to find empty rooms to take over. On shore, we took a guided van tour to a place where we could swim and jump off rocks (Puerto Vallarta), ate yummy food, shopped for souvenirs, relaxed on the beach, and walked all around (2 days in Cabo San Lucas). It was a blast, and very relaxing. I actually lost two pounds.

 Asher had a birthday. I felt bad that we didn't make a big deal or invite any friends. He requested a Star Wars party, so I made him a Star Wars cake and some of his gifts were Star Wars themed. It was just our little family, and then unexpectedly Stephen and Rachel stopped by with Lauren and Calvin and some gifts. It was an awesome thing, because then it felt like a real party.

 I had a birthday. It was pretty uneventful, but I went to breakfast with my sisters-in-law (they are the sweetest) and Dan got me a ukelele and a fitbit. I love both gifts. And the ukelele lead to our re-do of the front room, which is now a music room. Yay!

On my birthday, Asher started kindergarten. I didn't cry. He didn't cry. In fact, he told me that if he saw anyone crying he would pat their shoulder and say, "don't worry, your mom will be here soon." He is the only kid in school doing the half-day schedule, but we aren't too worried about him. He seems to love school so far, and he is learning a ton. We think he looks cute in his uniform, and he is pretty good about doing his homework.

I should also mention that I finally got our family to the dentist. It was Asher's first trip... he was such a champ! Gwen wouldn't even open her mouth, but I guess she is still pretty young (and sassy). Everyone checked out pretty well except for me. I had three crowns put on. I was in pain for over a month. It was finally resolved, thank heaven. Mouth pain is the worst.

Besides all of these milestones, I have had a lot of day to day things that keep me busy as well. I have had a strange influx of sewing projects. I sewed curtains for a neighbor, a tablecloth for a random lady from our neighborhood, girl scout patches and mending for a new friend who lives by Amy, family picture/correlating outfits for a new friend and her five kids, and Halloween costumes for four cute girls from church. Then there are the piano and voice lessons, the random sewing lessons, the primary program we just had where I was in charge of the music (and 300 kids), babysitting a sweet little girl once and week, family events, etc, etc, etc! I feel like it is hard enough to keep up on the cleaning and the homework (Asher has about 45 minutes of hands-on homework a day) and the kids.

                     (Half done curtain for a client. I guess I forgot to take pictures when I was finished.) 

On top of ALL of that... I am in another play. Copperstar's The Wizard of Oz. I HAD to audition, because that movie and that story were such a part of my formative years. I feel like The Wizard of Oz is stitched in my soul somewhere. Anyway, I am the Wicked Witch (!) and I couldn't be more excited about painting myself green, throwing fire, and flying on stage. On top of that, I have been helping with choreography... so basically I have been there every rehearsal and then some. It is coming together, and I am so happy with the way it is turning out! But of course it is also time consuming. Dan is my hero for putting the kids to bed every night and for being generally supportive and good to me.

 So there it is. Now that I am safely on vacation in Utah, I have the time and mental space to dedicate to my blog. This is my life, and I'm not sorry. I'm only sorry it took me this long to post it. 


T-Ray said...

I knew about most of this.... except for the dentist. Yuck. Mouth pain is the worst. Oh and I already told you I love how your music room turned out but I had not seen your curtains! So cute. Love them. Sorry I haven't been over the last couple of nights after work. BUSY! I'm coming tomorrow though. Quality sister time coming up!

Lori said...

Thanks for catching us up over here :) Glad you are getting a vacation to see the family... wish I could come again to be there too. Are you planning on going for Christmas? Love you.

Kristy said...

Life gets crazy. I'm glad we get to visit with you for a little while. Your kids are getting so big.