Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Once there was a Snowman

When Asher was born
I could hardly wait for the day
that I would be able to hang his art on my fridge.

Thank you Ms. Kerri and Ms. Renae
for helping my wildest dreams come true.
(See how it is puffy? I think it's shaving cream and glue.)


Lori said...

oh that is to cute :) how creative!

Kristy said...

Good job Asher! The puff still looks like it could fall off at any moment. Glad it doesn't. :)

T-Ray said...

ha ha ha... I love it!! Asher did a great job

Lynette Mills said...

Many years of frig hanging bliss ahead of you Jamie. The first is always so fun. Tell Asher we are all enjoying his work.

Stephanie Shumway said...

Most awesome fridge-hanging ever. Tell Asher he wins first place.