Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not a Pathological Liar

I have performed with Dick Van Dyke... twice if you count Disneyland.
I was directed and taught by John Cleese in college. He praised my acting and my British accent.
I went to acting school with Edi Gathegi (aka Laurent from the Twilight movies)
I sang at Katy Perry's 16th birthday party.
I grew up with Ryan Mendez from Yellow Card, and he married one of my good friends. I'm pretty sure he had a crush on me for a little while in High School. I'm pretty sure he would also admit to that.
One of my friends from High School married a pro football player. Right now he's with the Cards.
I was once taken to some mystery building in New York to meet a guy that produced half of all the shows on Broadway. He had a weird elevator.
I am friends with the folks who wrote the book for Sister Act the musical (which is only the latest in a long line of accomplishments for them).
I have performed for Julia Childs, Joel Schumacher (director), Fred Couples (pro golfer), and so many other "famous" people- I've lost count.
I met Jared Leto, the guys from Jimmy Eat World (regulars at my dad's old club), Kathy Bates (oscar winner!), and I'm sure I'm leaving at least 10 more notable people off that list.
My friends from college are on TV. National commercials, spots in shows, music videos... and two of the guys from my class are currently shooting a TV movie that one of them wrote.

No, I'm not lying. But when I put it all down like that, even I don't believe it. You know what's kind of funny? I don't really care. I mean, I'm glad I've had all of those experiences... but being a mom that can't get a paying acting job to save her life right now is ok. My days aren't full of excitement, but honestly, I don't think my famous friend's days are any more exciting. And I'm building little people over here, which is amazing!

John Cleese once told me that "being famous was a f***ing bore." Please excuse his language for one moment and consider... if your life is boring, having more money or fame would NOT fix things. You would still be bored.
Every once in a while I have to remind myself of this.
And please excuse the awkward picture. It isn't super flattering for either of us, but it's all I've got.


Tracy said...

You are cool. You have done a lot more than a lot of people. I wish I could say I was that cool. Oh.. and I am happy with the life path you have chosen. I think you happen to be building some great and adorable little people.

Lori said...

I think you have a perfect balance in your life with a career as a mom and a hobby of acting :) Not only that but you are great at both! Love you. (plus famous peoples children always seem to be screwed up... you don't want that)

Kristy said...

It is pretty amazing with how many famous people you know. I don't know a single famous person. I'm glad you get to still do some fun plays every once in a while.

Lynette Mills said...

At education week I have learned that what you are doing brings true happiness. It's all in Ecclesiasties! Plus, Michael Wilcox said so... I'll share my notes with you sometime.
Love you Jamie