Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok, so Asher looks way too old for this milestone... but today was the first day he did some #2s on the toilet. Maybe too much information for some of you, but it was a much celebrated event in our house. Also, he wore underwear all day with no accidents. You better believe he was very positively reinforced. ;-)

Also, my sister Tracy visited last weekend. It was wonderful, but I didn't blog about it because she did. She is so good at the blogging thing, that if we have the same thing to say, I just leave her to it. But I do have to publicly thank her for taking some awesome family pictures of us while she was in town. Thanks Tracy!
(Side note to the Arizonans: The Palo Verde trees are blooming right now. It is a great time to take pictures just about anywhere around here. This is a sidewalk right outside our neighborhood. You may steal our idea.)

And even though I know that Asher is in the act of pushing Gwen down in this picture, it is still super precious if I just pretend he is helping her.


Jenn Kirk said...

Love the pictures, Jamie! And yes, I would be celebrating the 100% graduation into underwear too. Freedom is the day without diapers.

T-Ray said...

SOOOOO happy Asher took the big step finally. I was also very happy to come visit you. Its always fun to come visit you and bond with my cute niece and nephew. I will have to come back soon. Hopefully. Also, I was more than happy to snap a few family photo's for you guys. It was about time you guys had an updated picture.

Rachel said...

love both of these pics.

Lori said...

Hooray for Asher!! I am looking forward to the day that William makes that step :)