Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Thick and Thin rant

Why is it that everything that makes me happy also makes me fat?

Below is a picture of me in High School. Well, technically, it is a picture of a picture. There I am with my friend Jennie. I'm on the left. I suppose I am wearing a tankini and short shorts because we were at Magic Mountain and we went on water rides. I know I look a little trailer-parkish, but look at how skinny I am!
...except for my arms of course. I've always had meaty upper arms. I blame it on the year of gymnastics I took in fourth grade.

I looked like that for years. I went on every diet I heard of to keep myself looking good. I also made sure I was active. Running, dancing, Tae Bo-ing. I was always trying, and it always paid off.
This next shot is of me in a play right before I got pregnant with number one.

Again... I feel like I look good here. And maybe you have to click on the images to really tell, I don't know.

Those were the good old days. Now I am about twenty pounds heavier, and two kids richer. My kids make me so happy. They also made me fat.

Having kids has been hard on my body. I have to literally starve myself if I want to lose weight. And starving makes me very sad. Not to mention short tempered and basically useless. Working out like a crazy person doesn't do it for me anymore, I have to eat like a hibernating bear without the benefit of being able to sleep for months at a time.

You know what makes me happy? Bread and other normal foods.
You know what makes me fat? Bread and other normal foods.
I don't drink soda. I don't drink alcohol. I don't drink juice. I don't eat a ton of candy or sweets and I don't eat chips or lots of processed foods. I like salad. I like soup. I like sandwiches and green beans and cereal and the occasional bowl of ice-cream.
Why is it that I know people who never work out but look fantastic?
Why is it that I know people who eat candy and junk for every meal and they are WAY skinnier than me?
I know the answer to these questions.

It is because life is not fair.


Tracy said...

I think you look great.... but I know what you mean. Its a constant battle. Eating makes me happy.. also makes me fat. Dieting is miserable.

T-Ray said...

You are right... I did comment on this before it was done. Funny. My comment remains the same though. I know EXACTLY how you feel... 100%. Right now... I am dieting. It sucks hard core to the max. I have to constantly keep myself occupied so I don't think about food. I still have my goal this year to get down to a size 8.

Sara said...

i know you wont believe me, but you still are beautiful.

rachel v. said...

I think you look lovely all of the time :) perhaps the reason we are different is so that we will realize how many forms of beautiful there really are.
This is my favorite website right now for reminding myself to keep things balanced and healthy:

Kristy said...

I've realized that everyone in life has a different struggle. If you threw everyone's trials into a huge bucket. You would probably snag yours back up again. Hard things keep us humble.

Emily Bartlett said...

haha oh man Jamie, thanks for this post. it's funny but so true. food makes me happy too. fat makes me sad. starving makes me mad.

i do the tony horton 10-day lean jean program every 2 or 3 months. it sucks but it's only 10 days. gets me back on track and not so food focused. he's the guy that does p90x.

Lori said...

Jamie, you are beautiful and talented & have so many blessings. Finding the right balance for your life and body can be difficult- but you will find it if you don't get discouraged.

Daboppa said...

In that sense, it would really suck to have kids. Its hard to get back in the swing of things. You look great for having 2 kids, but in all reality, you don't need to hardcore diet. There's no point, just do some activities that you love and that are good for you... like maybe yoga? Dance is always helpful too.

Heather said...

I have a few things to say regarding your post. 1.) As long as you are in good health, your diet is working. 2.) You are beautiful and always will be. 3.) I look forward to having a perfect body after I am resurrected! I try not to focus too much time and energy on my physical appearance because I know that's not the reason I am here.