Saturday, January 1, 2011

She's crafty...

Happy New Year.
I know I should be talking about resolutions or goals or something, but I don't feel like it. Plus, I made a lot of stuff last month. I was so busy making things for others, that I didn't have time to blog. Now that we are back from vacation in snowy Utah, I have time... so get ready for a lot of pictures.

I made t-shirts for my nephews. I asked their Dad what they liked right now, and he told me they were into the movie Megamind, which I haven't seen. But I looked it up, printed images from the internet, bought cheap Hanes shirts, dyed them, and freezer paper stenciled. This is shirt #1:

Shirt #2 (which was actually an H&M shirt):

Shirt #3 (which required a bit of fabric paint layering. I'm tricky.)
I wish I had a bit of red paint... it would make the Obama reference more noticeable.

Here is a shirt I made for my brother. I didn't make the money tissue.

A headband for my niece.

I finally got around to painting these letters. All the other girls in my family did this like two Christmases ago.

My parents just moved to Mapleton, Utah after living in Santa Barbara for 25 years. I painted the LA temple for them. I used oil paint, and it still hasn't completely dried. I'm doing the same thing for my in-laws but I don't want to send it by mail... so it will have to be a late holiday gift.

I am also painting the Mesa Temple for Mike and Marilee. It is... not done. Oops. This is a picture of the process.

I also gave my brother and his wife a pretty rad cross-stitch. And yes, I think rad is the appropriate word.

I got the pattern for both my brother's shirt and this cross-stitch from a blog called The Domestic Scientist. So awesome!

Whew! That's all folks.


T-Ray said...

Dear Jamie,

You are my craft idol. You are so crazy talented that it is not even funny. I love it all. Awesome job.

Love Tracy

P.S. It was so fun to spend time with you in Snowy Utah.

Rileigh said...

This is all fantastic! I am floored by your painting of the Temple. Love it.

Sara said...

you are so cool