Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas-y Things

Things we did this December to get in the Christmas spirit:

*We decorated our new fake tree. (Of course, Asher un-decorated everything he could reach every time my back was turned.)
*We put a few strings of LED ice-cycle lights on the house.

*We partied with the Footes (complete with gingerbread decorating contest and nativity reenactment)
*We got pictures with Santa at the mall (thanks for the idea and the ride, Aim)

*We wrapped gifts (the night before Christmas... Asher's need to unwrap everything+ procrastination+ my desire for gifts to look super cute= no sleep for me on the 24th)
*We partied with the Stecks (and got the best gift ever during the white elephant gift exchange)

*We put out a super cute Christmas card (super cuteness thanks to Dan and lateness of card mailing thanks to me)
*We had family in town (and Mom and Dad are still here. Sad to see Tracy go today...)
*We partied with the S&R Hixons (yummy food and cute variety show)

*We saw the Mesa Temple lights twice!
*We caroled to our neighbors and some friends on Christmas Eve.


T-Ray said...

Hooray for Christmas! I was happy I got to spend it with you guys! Thanks for making it fun for me. I was sad to leave....really.

Rileigh said...

beautiful picture, cute kids, well done

dada said...
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王菲Star said...
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