Thursday, November 12, 2009


On Monday the 9th of November Dan turned the big 3-0. It wasn't eventful. I asked him again and again what he wanted (gift-wise) and what he wanted to do (party-wise). He is pretty good at long pauses, deflecting, changing the subject, and asking only for clothes.

So we went out to Brio's Italian food and he received a lot of clothes and one book from me. His sister Amy watched Asher while we ate.

We went out again with half of his siblings and his parents last Saturday. This time it was Cantina Loredo ("gourmet" Mexican food). He got another book, a frame and a few more T-shirts from his siblings. He used money from his parents to buy a new magic mouse from the Apple store.

You may think I'm a terrible wife for not doing more on such a momentous occasion. Truthfully, I feel a little bad for not making a bigger deal of my favorite person's thirtieth birthday... but then I remember that I am about to have a baby, and that I tried, and that I got Dan exactly what he asked for.

Really, I could not love this man more.


Amanda said...

Claron's brother (Andrew, 36) is getting married on his 30th birthday, so I am mostly off of the hook. After all, there will be a reception (party) with music and even CAKE! They are getting sealed in DC, so we will be in the east. Yea! (Now for mine, I finally decided I am not throwing my own party.)

Lynette Mills said...

You did marry a pretty great guy Jamie...but great guys only marry great girls!

T-Ray said...

He is great and I am so glad you married him so I could have him as my brother in law. Dan Rocks