Monday, August 17, 2009

I <3 Kung Fu

We put Asher down a little over an hour ago, after a very successful family night I might add. He smiled as we left his room and I didn't hear one peep from him until five minutes ago, when I was getting laundry out of the dryer. Out of a dead silence I heard a "Hee-YAH!" and the soft crunch of crib mattress. Then nothing.

Now either this boy is dreaming Kung-Fu, or he is a very patient and quiet sleep-avoider. Either way, he makes me smile.

We have been in our house exactly one month today. I wish I had a finished room to show for it, but I just have a few 1/2 finished rooms. I'll post pictures as soon as there are pictures to take, I promise.


Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

I can tell you that boys come up with the greatest karate moves. And like to practice on you and their younger siblings.

T-Ray said...

ha ha. That is so funny. Asher is such a cute boy and totally makes me laugh.

Rachel said...

I love his karate.

Lynette Mills said...

He is such a good bedtime boy. It's funny that he was practicing his moves in the dark.